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(Tuesday, November 11, 2008 / 10:44 PM)

2day i had soo much fun finding job with Saiful.. hahakz... It was our second day finding it. The first tyme was last3 week at pizza hut 888 plaza. Dun tink they will call us. So we decided to find another job agin 2day. We started off by going to CP. Ate our one & only meal for that day. MEGA MC SPICY!! It was soo huge but still we managed to finished it. Actually secret to it was we took out the another patty and wrap it with tissues and stuff it into our bags. hahahakz.. In case of hunger later on.

After that, we started off by asking job at banquet. Dun tink got hope as the way that person talks to us dun give us much confidence. He just took down our phone number and then we went off to find other places.
Next we went to my favourite fast-food restaurant, Long John Silver!! Dat bloody saiful kept askin me to asked for job vacancy while he just waitin for the response.. urghh! nvm afterall he had treat me the mega mc spicy. so "called" treat ah.

We had managed to get the job application form but unfortunately we forgot to bring along a pen with us. So we sit down and kept thinking how to have a pen at that very moment. Luckily got this old man(cleaner of the LJS) asked for us a pen and the manager gave it to us. The pen sucks! NO INK! Try our best to squeeze out the ink.

Later on we had a break and started playing taiti at blk 137. I won 4-1 with dat maniac! yeah!! Actually we were expecting someone but different ppl dat came to us. Nvm.. Dat person had become our photographer for the next half of the journey.

I & saiful had plan to find our last job near the RP area. Theres where the challenges started again. Here some pics we needed to go through it before getting to our destination:

And thats how we get to the place. hahahakz.. After filling the form and stuff we chill out at a nearby gigg. hahakz.. We catched two bands performing. First performance was from the rock band while second were fromthe ska band. They are soo cool! After dat we went straight home. :)

Here are some pics of the gigg performance:

Till Here Chiow!! :)