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(Sunday, December 14, 2008 / 11:01 AM)

Plan to update my blog ONLY when i get the OBS pics but sumhow it never came soo i "abort" my plan as its been too long since i update my blog.

What im gonna write next may not understand by u guys soo DUN BOTHER READING IT!

Here it goes!

I have been a lil bit different nowadays.
Im just not me
I didnt know why
But i had sumhow wasted it again.

Wasted what? Time? I guess.
2 weeks from now is my POP.
Theres still lots to be learned for my test.
I had wasted my time. I guess.
From the very beginning i almost quit.
Quit form what?
Quit from becoming a MSL Band Member.
I was sec 2 back then.
BUT sumhow from hatred it becomes to love
How is it possible??
Despite the unfairness that I get from them
Had never been one of their best student

I had tried to understand them
But it didnt seem to work out anything
I guess they the one who make me stay
They the one who always thought me sumthing everyday

But why must they graduate??
One by one left me ALONE
I had been too pampered with them
Too much depend on them
Back then, they were total of six people guiding me
Now, i need to guide six people
It was very2 hard for me
Especially when there were no support from them.

One of the "them" plan to join my sect with other sect
Without giving me a chance to lead
They had motivated me to work hard
Finally get it but not really sure about it

thanks to 'they' i had keep going on with my life
Next year will bringing my sect to SYF
Last 2 years, they bring me to SYF
Gonna miss the momment with 'them'

Next 2 weeks, last batch of them will graduate
Left me alone as the seniors in the sect
Gonna be hard for me
Really hope they would come back and help out