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(Monday, December 22, 2008 / 1:47 PM)

yesterday was fun3 b4 singapore loses to vietnam at homeground!! Went to kallang stadium to watch singapore vs vietnam with valkyer,khazin,yanee & her sis... Fucking oppenent fans keep jeering at us at our homeground?!? wanna die!

Then vietnam players keep on pretend to be injured when actually nothing happens.Towards the end, referee oso ignored their "drama" and keep going on the match as one of the players landed on the field. Sumhow round 10 mins towards full-time, vietnamese score! wtf!!! Spore sux at playing yesterday. seriously.

Kallang stadium begin to be quiet and only the vietnam fans voice can be hurt. They were soo sickening as they jeered at us back. We all(most of the ppl in the stadium) stood up point middle finger, shout vulgarities. hahahakz... After the end of the match, riots occured! Singaporean fans throw all sorts of stuff like bottles and many other wierd stuff to the vietnamese fans.

Dats not it. After that the whole singaporeans went to wait for the vietnamese at their exits followed by vulgarities all around. AND dun 4get the peet peet peet3 peet4 BUTO! hahahahakz....

Got no tyme to watch dem as i need to rush back to watch arsenal vs liverpool!! hahahakz...

here a vid to make u guys understand wat im blabbering about. hahakz...

NOTE: off my soundtrack soo dat u can here it clearly.

peet peet peetpeetpeet peetpeetpeetpeet BUTO!!