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Superman?? (Thursday, February 18, 2010 / 11:46 PM)

Superman is a well-known supehero. There were probably alot of things dat needed to be handle. Decision need to make immediately knowing dat a wrong decision can destroy the world. Despite the help dat he gave some ppl still hate hym.. why oh why?? he would probably hate making decisions as watever he choose will have sum1 hate hym.. Is he dat bad? or ppl just jealous dat he been given super powers? hmm..

After knowing his mistake he apologises but does apologise strong enough to heal the scar dat he made on that person?? if not, watelse must he do? by saying "stop caring bout me" must make hym stop caring?? why oh why?? he cant help it when seeing sumtin not right goin to happen.. Sumtims after all he had done ppl call hym sellfish? does he? Must he takes all the blame for himself for everything wrong doing dat happened?? if yes den he would probably take the blame and continue fighting for justice dats for sure.

PS:His aim was always to make everyone happy but sumhow it will turn the other way. Why ohh Why??