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Busy week , My Hair! (Tuesday, March 16, 2010 / 1:33 AM)

When to poi cing just now and i still got my sore throat! aha! they keep getting better and better each day and everyday i went to teach and end up i will learnt something new.. So just now i leart a game called "marry who" .. It is like scissors paper stones. 1 game got 2 round ferz round is to see who got to choose the partner for the opponent while the second round is to check whether they would marry the person or not. -.-!! ahaha!
So they would like laughing saying A would marry B all dat stuff. ahaha!

So tommorow i would be goin poi cing again from 10 to 5pm!

So next went to meet valker pat 137.. Eddy tkder tk full! aha.. Den went to shop to get something with nizaxm and fit when i stopped infront of a saloon and think bout my hair. So i decided to asked to rebond my side burn and it was only $6! The auntie was so kind! But one doesnt knoe how to spoke eng while other one translate for her but still not so gd.. ahaha! She oso keep asking me how to spell things like "woodlands","room cleaning". aha! hey dun worry i failed my eng too! aha.. den after rebond she say bout my hair too thick so i decided to cut oso! aha.. den she reccommend for dye hair or hightlight which only for $25! im talking bout my entire hair!! i was so excited yet i dont want to do it ferz as valkyer was waiting for me at asyura house. aha! tetibe sak aku rebond! So dats all bout today..

sumapah cm JuoN ade pat blakang aku! ahaha!

PS: Need to be fully recovered. I want to play soccer sok!