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Pissed Off! (Friday, March 26, 2010 / 11:38 AM)

When to poi Cing as per usual and later on got starbuck at Bukit timah.. grr.. jauh sak..
so every thing was ok till i step in bukit timah starbuck..

My iPhone was almost dead but i was happily using its application while listening to songs. After reaching the store, i confidently opened my bag and couldnt find my charger! kimak!

Den there were a new partner. Sumhow i just recall back the ferz few tymes working at starbucks where my ex manager, noor, was there too guiding him. Den she kept saying how was ann, my current manager, i was like "what should i say?" sumhow i know noor had given 100% for sembawang. There are still scars of sembawang i guess. The best part was i wanted to call her and ann a few times! naseb die tk dgr. and last week during store i worked wif ann and it was the ferz time sumhow i bonded wif her and suddenly i called her noor. naseb pon die tk dgr. haiz.. when at store i miss noor. while attachment at Bukit timah i miss ann!

Den the new partner when home at 9 so left me and noor working the 2 story starbuck! bussing kene naek tron tangge bleh mati sak.. Den noor helped alot with the pre closing.. naseb!! tk cm ann.. aha.. sumtims ann pon tlg gak uh. so noor was thinking since there were only 2 partners the store will close late. So she called the transport to pick me up at 1am..

And surprisingly we finished at 12!-.-!
so shesaid dat she would accompany me and ok. i as like coughing all the way since morning though and after closing i just left with a stick. hmm.. so i smoke when im with her. den she said dat she will go ferz since left round 10mins before 1.. so i was like no prob. alah 10mins jek.. so i take out my iphone dat left with only 10% of batt and saw the time was 12.30. i was like WTF?!?! cibai buto uh! tk tau tgk tyme ke pe?! haiz.. da sejuk gelap. bau, mcm2 bau aku bau.. mcm2 bende aku nmpk. aha..

den transport smpai pon lmbt. and i realise it was friday night. What an amazing night for me.. hmm..