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Teacher Me! (Sunday, March 14, 2010 / 11:27 PM)

Today was fun! Went to ST GAB early in the morning and help the boys wif their stuffed and get ready to Conference Hall as they have band fiesta today.. Other bands dat im teaching was also there.. Kong Hwa, Rosyth, Poi Cing, Montfort and of course St Gab itself.. But i was focusing more on St Gab cause i was told to do so. The boys were so adorable! keep calling me teacher here teacher there. ahaha! :D

I was given so much authority and it feels good! Controlling everything and end up both parties were happy. Im glad that the teachers of St Gab appreciated my help. They were so kind. St Gab was the ferz band to perform and after their performance i follow dem back to sch as i wasnt fully recovered yet from my sickness. I kept shouting at the boys although my voice was like Ramlee Sarip! ahahaha! Lastly, i love it when mMr Goh asked me to help make hairstyle for the boys. He gave me two bottle of gel. So the boys were excited and they were queing in front of me. One indian boy said dat his hair was like macdonald ice cream cone as his hair was curly! Funny !aha! All the boys hair was flat before they wearing their yellow uniform but thanks to me they look cute! :P

Here the pics: