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Ton-ing (Tuesday, April 6, 2010 / 9:44 PM)

Ton-ing wif valkyer!! wee~!! After i went back from seoul garden i met valkyer.. Not confortable wif the formal shirt i wore to kong hwa, i went back home to changed ferz den meet dem again.. soo jumpe pat umah nizam tgk bola man u lwn chelsea and man u lost! wee! padan muke! ahaha! after dat solat isyak tros blah g lepak.. i went to kdai kopi tgk arsenal match... Since i was the only one support arsenal soo tgk uh srg2.. :( last min arsenal score! fuh! berdentam-dentum tgk match tu..

den meet dem back... Dtg jek uin ngan nabilah ade.. but dey stay till 2am round dere.. hafiz and ariffin both went back by 1 am.. soo by the end of the day tinggal valkyer jek.. aha.. plan pon mmg valkyer jek but we welcome ppl as the more the merrier mah.. ahaha.. maen bola pat basketball court near wld stadium till 4 am den went to msl mrt bab stu jek ade jual air.. ahha.. we run out of water.. after dat hujan den lepak bwh blok till 7am baru gerak balik.. ferz tyme ton ngan drg tk tdo.. ahaha!! talk craps all day long..

Rest of the pics is at facebook.. :)