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(Monday, May 31, 2010 / 9:52 PM)

I just hoping one day i will wake up and said to myself that i had changed into a better person. hmm... Sumhow i messed up my life. React things without thinking. As a result im hurt and also the people around me. I realised all my mistakes now ok but the next problem is how to settle it? haiz... ETC: Being a jerk, cant decide on myself, repeating my stupid mistakes and lastly, i dont know wat i want in life. :(

I cant really focus on other people for now. I should be selfish from now on and think bout myself and my own feelings. For now im slowly making things ryte. I guess. I cant change the past but i can change the future. 15 days i will be 17 ppl and my brain is like 7 yrs old seriously. I knoe it sux. hmm.. I got 15 days to make things right. On my bdae, everything shall be decided and all moves shall be made afterwards. After my bdae, I will not wait for it to happen instead i will make it happen and im so serious this time round.

Through my 15 days of lonliness, ciggs shall accompany me 24hrs.. thanks girl ciggs! i suck u but u give me pleasure. :D

PS: Hey grandfather, i really love u, u knoe dat ryte? im soo going to miss u. gd bye for now. i will keep on praying for u. :'(