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ValkyeR 2nd PiT! (Tuesday, June 8, 2010 / 11:13 AM)

Went to East Coast Park with valkyer on fri for our 2nd pit outing. It was quite awesome. ahaha! I loved the last part where we slept in BK for an hour as it was raining and we were stuck. nyahahaha!

After that is the most hilarious part. When we are in bus, I sat beside nizam under the air-con while barri sit behind me. And dat barri let go one of the unpleasant gas. i cant go out as nizam was sitting beside me and i was panic-ing like hell. trying to breathe through the air-con but instead i knocked myself at it and i sat down back. And sooooo i vomit infront of my chair. Luckily there was no one. BUT den 1 old guy came and before asyura can pull him, he already sit on my vomit! We laughed non-stop..

Adding to it fit smelly pants, syura's leg smell and the rest got other smelly smell all conbined at the back of the bus causing people to sit at the back for awhile and they will stand up and changed their place to sit . nyahahaha!!

PS: The rest of picture is uploaded at fb.. :)