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(Friday, August 13, 2010 / 10:31 AM)

Sumhow everything is mess up now. I didnt expect it to be this way. Everything change. Everyone change. I am trying to change for the best but the more i tried, the more people leaving me. What should I do? Every steps i made would make someone angry and dissapointed. Haiz.. I tried to find a way to ensure that everyone was happy but with feelings involve it is hard.

When I was small till now, i keep telling myself that I will hold to the word called 'last long' but theres nothing in this world stay. When you find something that you really love and would not let to go, it or they would eventually have to go. Life have to move on right? Thats was my weakness point. I dont seem to move on from the person who had made an impact in my life.

Not everyone can understand me except few people understands why i react this way. Im a unique person who is in my own world. I got this kind of attitude that when the first impression of someone new in the clique is sumhow i feel like they are bad, I would just shut myself up. i tried to talk to dem but it feel so awkward. Sumhow i just can feel that they will find fault with me in the future. And it really happen. So it is really ahrd for me to mix around. hmm..

PS: Need Help, Need Attention, Need Advice.. =(