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(Saturday, September 4, 2010 / 3:27 AM)

So long never update my blog. Been busy lately.. This coming monday is UT3 and i just started revising it.. (Y)

So Just now work was super tiring.! alister supposed to work closing and i supposed to end at 10 but because he didnt knoe his working, i decided to stay and helped Huda's out. Its friday night ppl! Slam like one kind. If Huda was to be alone, shes dead. I pity her so i stay. Before dat i had scrub the back floor. Putih giler! rajin sey. ahaha.. After dat scrub the outside area. fuh! hari2 bole kurus sak. And ya customers was like alot.

One of it dat made me paisey was when sum1 asked for sky juice and it happend to be a plain water and i didnt knoe it. So i pull huda who happen to be by my side. Whats sky juice??? While shes busy finishing up the drink, she replied, plain water bodo! The girl and her group of friends(all girls) laugh.. I was like ouh ok.. Just quickly hand over the drink. aha..!

PS: Hope i could last long with Starbucks and eventually be manager soon! :D