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Sunday Morning (Monday, November 15, 2010 / 10:33 PM)

Sunday I was suppose to have movie marathon wif god who knoes but end up working as Rin adik accident and there was no pre-close. I pity fyra so I helped out till 9. I dun mind free labour but since Sue bgi clock in i clock in. Dpt $$.. :D

So after that rushed home to catch Arsenal match and also I wanted to rest as the next day was Maths UT. So Arsenal won 2-1 and Chelsea Lose 3-0 with Sunderland so Arsenal 2nd place with 2pts away with Chelsea. :D

Ouh ya. I did some experiment with Starbuck's facilitates . I was super hungry and wanted to go to Rubina but it was raining so i went to the Giant and bought Instant noodles goreng with nuggets!(Both havent cook) Since Fyra was hungry too so I decided to cook for her. I was the chef for the day! ahaha.. Take me less den half an hout to complete the dish. Finish it up with 2 glass of vodka rasberry! ouh-yeah! My favourite drink ever! :D

Both end up full. *Burp* Allhamdullilah..

Ouh yeah, i put back all the stuff before i go so that twinney wont have lots of stuff to do when closing. ahaha.. ;)

PS: Ur welcome uh twinney! ahaha!