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(Monday, February 21, 2011 / 4:18 AM)

Shes so cute. Especially when she smiles. Shes so kind till i cant find anyone else who nicer den her. For 5yrs i broke her heart alot of times till i lost track of the numbers. Despite all that had happen, she still stayed by my side. I cant find any reason to leave her while she can find alot reasons to leave me. Wait, the only reason i could find to leave her because she had shed alot of tears when shes wif me which broke my heart. :'(

I didnt mean to but she would just cry almost every night because i did smth to upset her. haiz. Everyone with the right mind would say i would not deserve her i knoe. How can i pay back someone who always there for me?? It is not logic at all. :'(
I hate myself for doing this. Seeing u cry girl just make me want to kill myself instantly. Im a failure in life. hmm...

PS: Pls stop crying and find sum1 who deserve u more and make u happy so that everyday u would laugh and smile instead of crying. The rest managed could leave me so can u. Dun worry bout me cause i would be fine living in this world alone. *I deserve it afterall the "heartbroken session" * haiz..