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(Sunday, February 13, 2011 / 12:33 PM)

. (We are actually trying to craft out *W46K* in the above picture)

So yeah semester 2 has ended. Sob2.. Just like my maths faci once told us, this is part and puzzle or partial or whatever it spell like of life. Im so going to miss my sem 2 classmate! There are only one word to discribe them which is amazing.

I love the way our class bond and the best part of all we will always blast music during our 1st & 2nd break. I also love the way that each individual has their own uniqueness. Joshua, his like a walking IT helpdesk. Thanks to him we no need to go down to IT help desk when something when wrong. He will know what to do.

Patrick good at powerpoint animations. Wenting iPhone experties! He jailbreak for me. He pro in tap2. Trust me he really dat gd. Yvaine cigg supplier. ahaha... She like to donate her ciggs. Ben go and turn down the bass for our class speaker soo it really feels like clubbing every break time. cool! The list keep going down and down. W46K is just amazing.

It is true that if u r in rs in poly life, ur circle of friends would not be that much. Thats y i bond wif my sem 2 classmate more than my sem 1 cause i was in a rs in sem 1 but that does not mean i regret or anything. :)

PS: Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.