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Flea Market (Thursday, June 9, 2011 / 3:51 AM)

Went to flea market with fyra at Singapore flyer. I wont forget that day as we sumhow have a big fight during that day. So the story goes like this. It was Saturday and as usual i played street soccer with my members. After that went home to change and meet fyra. Suddenly i was having this strong headache . I met fyra at cwp asking her to come fast as I could not resist the pain. She came and help me buy panadol and told me its ok if we cancel today's event but not wanting to be the cause of not doing her favourite stuff, which is flea market, i told her we should just continue our plan.

My head was too painful I told fyra to withdraw the money when we reach spore flyer, forgetting that there is no POSB machine there, she agreed. So i slept in the bus and wake up feeling much better. Upon reaching our destination, we went to flea market and theres where we realise we have not withdraw money and the nearest POSB is at marina square. I was like shit! She was wearing heels btw and so yeah start the fight but upon reaching back at the flea market, everything went much smoother. Hadmour dinner at Popyes and we headed back home. :)

PS: fyra bought the heart ring and i bought this old spec for myself. :)