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6R4 re-union (Tuesday, August 9, 2011 / 11:57 PM)

Mr Clarence was so semangat gile babi to have 6R4 gathering as we just know on this very day that his previous class hated him so much that he asked for a changed of class and he got our lovely class of 6R4.. He love to teach us soo much as we r the first batch of P6 that he taught. chey! So at ferz yusuf created a fb grp of few r4 stud. Mostly malays for fun then sum1 go and add Mr Hoe in the grp and from there he want the whole R4 people to join the grp. ahahha!

Afterwards Mr Hoe planned a dinner before puasa and there were some places we decided like manhattan fish market, macs etc.... Finally we decided to choose Rubina! I get to know that it was near his house and sch(he transfer to endevour primary sch) -.-

He was like expect me to planned everything but I was lazy to organised an event but i managed to help him by choosing places directing other of my classmates to Rubina. After dinner we headed to my workplace,Starbucks. Busted nye hoe! Alastair was on shift wif Ali. I know how it feels to see a huge crowd during closing but i helped them arrange back the chairs and clear the 3 drinks which the big grp ordered. ahaha... and some mark out food oso. ahaha...